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New immigration rules UK 2020

Tier 2 skilled worker route is now opened under new point based immigration system of UK from first December 2020.

Finally, Boris Johnson government has revealed UK post brexit immigration rules. These rules will be applicable to citizen of European and non-European countries equally. Currently, UK is in transition period after brexit which will end on 31 December 2020. The bill of new UK immigration rules still needs to go in parliament for approval. If the bill is approved, the new immigration policy will be implemented from 1st January 2021. Boris Johnson party has majority in UK parliament, so the new immigration bill will be approved for sure. Let’s discuss proposed changes in UK visa and immigration policy:

Seasonal Work Visa:

UK government has increased annual quota for seasonal agriculture visa in new immigration bill. Previously, there was an annual cap of 2500 visas but it will be increased up to 10,000 visas each year. This visa was started in spring 2019 to meet labor shortage in agriculture sector. You can read more details about this visa by clicking here UK seasonal agriculture pilot program.      [Read Also: Australia Farm Worker Visa]

Youth Mobility Scheme:

According to new immigration bill, the number of visas under Youth mobility scheme will also be increased. Currently it is 20,000 every year.  This visa is not for south Asian countries like Pakistan and India. However, You can read about this by visiting official UK government website.

High Skilled Workers:

According to proposed immigration changes, high skilled workers such as Scientists and researchers will be able to get UK visas without an advance job offer.

Australian Style Points System for Skilled Worker Visa:

An Australian style points system is designed to import skilled workers from EU and non-European countries. The total points are 130 and you need to get 70 points in order to get skilled worker visa (Tier 2). The distribution of points is given below:

Passing points: 70

Approved Sponsor:

To get skilled work visa, it is mandatory that your job offer must be from an approved employer. UK government has already updated the list approved sponsor. You can download this list by clicking here. It is better to some extent that you do not need to apply randomly for job offer because now, you can know the employers name who can sponsor you. All you have to create resume and cover letter and contact to these employers for a Job.

Download the list and check the details of employers. You can use google or social media platforms like Linked In to get more details about these employers and engage with them socially.

Click to Find List of Approved Employers

Shortage Occupations:

UK government has recently updated the list of shortage occupations. In the new immigration bill, if you get job offer in one of shortage occupations, you will get 20 additional points which will increase chances of visa approval. MAC (the migration advisory committee) of UK is still reviewing the list of shortage occupations. They are adding more occupations like carpenter etc.

Click to Check Shortage Occupation List UK

Job has proper Skill Level:

It is mandatory that your job offer must be for a position which requires at least 12 years education. Previously, it was graduation. According to UK RQF (regulated qualification framework) it should RQF level 3. RQF level 6 is required in existing system.

No More Job Advertisement:

In new immigration policy, there will be no need for employers to advertise job to find worker in UK.

Dependents and Spouse Visa:

UK immigration new policy also allows migrant to include dependents and spouse in visa application and bring them to UK. [Recommended: Jobs in Canada from overseas]

Education for Skilled Workers:

New immigration rules has relaxed educational requirement for skilled workers. In past, graduation was mandatory to be considered as skilled workers. However, A level or equivalent education will be enough to be considered  a skilled worker.

Cap on skilled workers visa:

As per new immigration policy, there will be no cap or limit on skilled worker visa. It means there will be no annual quota for skilled worker visa. Maximum number of visas can be issued each year.

Lower Skilled Workers:

New UK immigration rules block the way of low skilled workers. Priti Patel said that we want to bring only bright and talented people to work in UK. Although they didn’t apply any restriction on lower skilled workers apparently yet the new immigration rules reveals there will be no visas for low skilled workers in future. The only way for lower skilled worker will be the seasonal agriculture pilot program which allow to live and work in UK for 6 months maximum.

Additional charges under new immigration policy:

An Additional amount as immigration skill charge and immigration health charge will be imposed on sponsors who want to hire foreign workers. It will make sponsoring foreigner more difficult.

When will new immigration Rules UK 2020 be implemented:

On 31 of December 2020, the visa free movement of EU citizens and transition period will be ended, So the new immigration rule of UK will come into force from 1st January 2021. Before implementation of new rules, you can apply visas under the current immigration rules and system.

All visa applicants have to pay 624 UK pounds per year as health surcharge when they apply for visa. The health surcharge will be in addition to visa application fee. Visa application fee may very from 610 to 1408 pounds per person depending on job occupation and length of visa. Furthermore visa applicants must have enough funds for their initial stay in UK, this may be around 1270 pounds.

Where to apply skilled worker visa:

visa applications can be submitted online. It will three weeks to make decision on visa application. for more information please visit official website of UK immigration.