Does Cocaine Make You Lose Weight? Important research revealed.

Does Cocaine Make You Lose Weight?

Everyone has come up to a moment where they wanted to know does cocaine make you lose weight. The reality is that the effects of cocaine can vary from person to person. However, we are going to clear up any confusion you might have regarding the use of cocaine and weight loss in this article. Cocaine is also popular with the name “the skinny drug,” and this illegal drug catches the attention of women mostly for this typical reason. While it was traditionally considered a drug used by males, a study shows a rising number of women using cocaine to lose some pounds weight. Although some might get the results they wanted, from the risk and reward ratio point of view it might not be worth it. Because cocaine is addictive and people find a hard time to stop its consumption when the body can’t take it anymore.

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Cocaine addiction treatments and rehab centers are visited after reaching weight loss goals. The main reason that people are addicted to cocaine and the ecstatic high sensation it gives, you can say that weight loss is just an added consequence of abusing your body continuously. Regardless of the reason for using it to reach a certain weight limit, over time use can cause underweight or even lead to malnourishment in most cases. Thus, it might help you lose weight but in the end, it’s leading you to other serious health problems.

Apart from does cocaine make you lose weight, does it mess with your brain? Yes, it changes the way your brain works. It interferes with brain cells in return for pleasure and affects mental health over time. It also leads to physical side effects and severe health issues. No doubt that the most noticeable effect of cocaine on the human body is weight loss. It was confirmed after some studies that there’s a connection. Overweight people use it as a quick fix, but it’s a harmful addictive drug, and people need to stop using it.

Why does cocaine make you lose weight?

Nobody has the right answer to why cocaine consumption leads to weight loss. Everyone is aware of how it works in the body, and this provides us with many answers and connections. Basically, people don’t replace unhealthy food with organic or low-calorie diets, instead, they don’t eat at all due to a lack of appetite as the stimulant drug affects the nervous system.

Instead of replacing unhealthy food with organic or low-calorie alternatives, the person simply does not eat due to a lack of appetite as the stimulant swamps the nervous system.

First, you should know that cocaine is among the most powerful stimulant drug ever existed. Once it’s injected into the bloodstream, it instantly affects the central nervous system (CNS). It results in increased activity of the CNS and physical activity, less sleep, and a noticeable difference in a person’s appetite. These factors cause weight loss. According to a study done by a team of professional researchers, that quick weight loss can cause wreak havoc on the human body. Abuse of cocaine significantly increases the risk of long-term damage to health and the brain. Losing weight too quickly is not greater after all.

On the other hand, the study also shows that people who lose weight with cocaine can also gain it all back very fast once they get the proper treatment and overcome their addiction. It’s recommended not to use any kind of drugs and supplements that causes quickly losing and gaining weight. It impacts the metabolism very negatively and causes different diseases in the upcoming years.

Process of Losing Weight Using Cocaine:

We already know that an increase in activity in a person’s central nervous system (CNS) also shows an increase in metabolism. This results in a metabolism boost and more calories burned than usual doing the same activities as before they started using cocaine. Stamina is also increased hence the person is more active for longer periods on a dose of cocaine. Sleep is less needed, they will be awake most of the time. All this ends up burning additional calories throughout the day.

The appetite-suppressing effects of cocaine also cause weight loss. The drug blocks people’s ability to feel hunger cues and gives them additional energy, meaning that they eat less while using cocaine. Eating less and burning significantly more calories leads to fast, unhealthy weight loss. Researchers are also eager to know does cocaine make you lose weight and impacts the ability to burn and store fat. Studies indicate that the use of cocaine may prevent storing fat in the way without using cocaine and this is a great contribution to weight loss, too.

Side Effects of Cocaine on Human Health:

While some people are attracted to the short-term effects of the drug, including weight loss, this is a highly-addictive drug that can cause dangerous damage to your physical, social health, and medical health. The addiction to cocaine is high. Once you use cocaine, you are more likely to experience financial issues and legal trouble because of illegal substance possession. You may also face serious risks including:

  • Increased heart rate (BPM) and breathing.
  • Hyperstimulation.
  • Paranoia, anxiety, and depression.
  • Decreased sleep and difficulty in sleeping interrupted.
  • Lung, kidney, and liver diseases.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Infertility is mostly in women.
  • Damage to heart and brain.
  • Nasal cavities and sinuses are damaged.
  • Tooth decay or loss before age.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Neurological disorders.

Cocaine should not be used as it’s highly addictive and provides enjoyable short-term effects only. People often develop a devastating addiction. Please don’t sacrifice your well-being and long-term health for the effects that will not last forever. It’s a dangerous drug, seek help to get control of this substance, and don’t let it abuse you in any way. If you are looking for a way to lose weight, there are other ways, not fast but effective.

Conclusion of query “Does Cocaine Make You Lose Weight?”

If you are addicted to cocaine or someone you love, don’t hesitate to reach someone that can help you with addiction treatment or addiction recovery. Remember that you are not alone there are more like you who found a way to get back on their feet. Reach out to your nearest rehabilitation center ASAP and start one of their programs. They offer many treatment options that can help during your recovery from drug addiction. Does Cocaine Make You Lose Weight? we have tried best to give satisfactory answer. However, the University of Cambridge has published a very useful research regarding this topic.