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United Arab Emirates: A new guideline has been issued regarding visitor visas

Concerning the corona vaccination in the United Arab Emirates, it has been clarified that it will not be given to those who come on a tourist visa. In this regard, a WhatsApp message is being spread in which it is said that the government of Ras Al Khaimah is vaccinating the visa holders who have visit visas. The message also gave the address of the website of the Ministry of Health and Prevention. This indicates that the message is correct but it has been confirmed that the said WhatsApp message is fake.

Manmohan Singh and his wife Satinder Kaur, who are over 70 years of age, are on a visit visa in Dubai. Those who tried to get vaccinated after this message went to the relevant address and were stopped and told that since they are visa holders, they cannot be vaccinated. The Ministry of Health and Prevention Reduction website also states that vaccines can only be given to UAE citizens and residents.

Manmohan Singh and his wife arrived in Dubai on a three-month visit visa in January and were due to return to Delhi in April, but considering the situation in India, they decided to extend their stay here for another three months. The couple said that if the government gives permission, we can get a further extension for three months. We feel safer here but the only problem is vaccination. Despite spending six months here, we are unable to get vaccinated. Because my wife and I are suffering from a common deadly disease, we want to be vaccinated, that’s why we have travelled to Ras Al Khaimah. He hoped that the UAE government would soon allow vaccination for visitor visa holders.

Source: Khaleej Times