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Chupacabra NFT

Chupacabra NFT (Non-fungible token) is a project of This NFT graphic combine old graphics done years ago, inspired by Lisa Frank. Visit the official social media accounts of the hundreds for more information. This NFT is a very unique piece of art in The Hundreds Fall 2021 Collection, the design may not be reproduced again. They are providing opportunities to holders that are real and profitable. They have invested in two lands in “The Sandbox”. To become a part of their social growth, you will just have to buy a Chupacabra. It is one of the most developing future projects available on the digital blockchain. Visit this link to buy Chupacabra with ETH 2.0:

Future of Chupacabra NFT

When an NFT project is launched, goals are set in order to achieve success. The Chupacabra was created to accomplish more than that. There are steps that need to be taken to achieve big objectives. We have given some of the perks and benefits of holding a Chupacabra NFT.

  • 1% of the Chupacabra holders will have access to their unique “The Sandbox” assets, games, and merch.
  • Chupacabra tokens will be released as an exclusive airdrop for Chupis holders.
  • 2.5% of all direct sales will be donated to a charity organization selected by the Society.
  • 30% Introduce the community to The Sandbox land.

To mint a Chupi here is the Verified Smart Contract Address: 0x207A6669c1C2d14A72233c0cD5E7fe1dB05F558E

We will be sharing more information about Chupacabra NFT very soon.

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