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Canada to help visa applicants

Canada to take new steps to help the travelers coming to Canada

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hassan said that the number of applicants to To travel to Canada is increasing every year. People want to be in Canada for business, study, work, tourism and other activities which will results in boost in economy of Canada. So Canadian government wants to assist the visa applicants with faster response and easy accessible visa service centres.

Visa Application Centres  (VACs) are very effective way for the Canadian government services to the people who want to travel to Canada. VF Worldwide Holdings Ltd. Is winning supplier for the new contract of visa application centres. There is already great network of visa application centres worldwide by the government of Canada to collect visa applications from the applicants and to collect biometrics (fingerprints). There are 137 VACs in 95 countries as of 2017. These visa application centres have helped the visa applicants to ensure the visa application meet the visa criteria before visa applications go advance to visa officer.

Canada is determined to widen its visa application centres network in coming two years to help the candidates who wish to get Canada visa. 149 VACs will be opened in 99 countries of the world by the end of 2019. Canada’s new project of visa application centres is world most extensive and useful network as almost 96% will have access to VACs in the country where are they are already residing.

Third party service provider serve at VACs to the visa applicants. Normally, incomplete visa applications are rejected at visa office but VACs ensure that visa application is complete before it go to visa office. If there is no visa office or few visa office, visa application provides high quality service to the visa applicants. By ensuring that visa applications are completed properly, unnecessary delay and refusal due incomplete applications can be avoided.

According to the new contract of VACs, this great network will start working in Asia on November 2018 and on November 2019 this extended network be started to work in Europe and Africa and middle east.