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Indonesia Travel Restriction during Covid-19 Pandemic.

The government of Indonesia has imposed new travel restrictions to stop further spread of pandemic in the country. According to a circular letter No. IMI-GR.01.01-2325 Year 2020 (“CL 2325”) issued by Director General of Immigration of Indonesia, Entry of all foreign nationals into Indonesia has been suspended until further notice. This means no one can travel to Indonesia despite holing a valid visa. The further explanation of this order is given below:

  • Entry to Indonesia with visa free and visa arrival facility has been suspended. It means no foreigner can enter Indonesia even he has passport which is entitled to  visa free or visa on arrival entry to Indonesia.
  • Visitors with visit visas including business visit single or multiple entry, tourist visa,  APEC travel card are also forbidden entry to Indonesia.
  • From now, Indonesia is closed for transit flights. No one can transit from any international airport of Indonesia.
  • Working holiday visa holders are also not allowed to travel Indonesia.
  • Diplomatic passport holders who do not have a diplomatic visa or residence/stay permit and want to enter Indonesia on visa free facility are not allowed to enter anymore.
  • Service passport holders without a service visa or residence/stay permit  included in this policy. they are also not allowed to travel.

The entry of all categories of foreigners mentioned above has been suspended until further notice.

Who can enter to Indonesia:

There are some exceptions in new immigration law. Some foreigners are still allowed to travel and enter Indonesia even in current situation. New restrictions do not apply  to anyone holding

  • Valid or expired limited stay permit or permanent stay permit.( in case of expiry, entry can be made on emergency stay permit)
  • Diplomatic visa or diplomatic stay permit
  • service visa or stay permit

Besides above categories, medical, food, humanitarian aid support workers, crew members,  limited stay visa holders for the purpose of working on national strategic projects like construction and infrastructure are still allowed to travel and enter to Indonesia.

For more information on latest travel restrictions, please visit website of ministry of foreign affairs of Indonesia or embassy in your country of residence.