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92 news

92 newspaper,

92 News is first tv channel of Pakistan which started its transmission as HD television news channel. It is also called and known as 92 News HD Plus or channel 92. The broadcasting language of 92 News is Urdu which is national language of Pakistan. It was launched in 215 from Lahore. Mian Muhammad Rasheed is the owner of 92 News live tv channel. There are two reasons behind the name of 92 News, first reason; Pakistani cricket team won the ICC Cricket world cup in 1992 and second reason; the country code of Pakistan is also 92. That’s why this channel adopted 92 as its name. 92 news has a huge team of staff, reporters and correspondents approximately more than 300 people. 92 News channel uses latest hologram technology and state of the art technology for its videos.

Mian Muhammad Rasheed is the CEO and Mian Hanif is the Chairman of the 92 news tv channel. 92 News HD started its transmission from UK in December 2017. The channel broadcast news from Pakistan, Uk and European countries. 92 news conducted its annual award show in 2016.

92 news

92 news media group is publishing an Urdu newspaper which is called 92 Newspaper. It was launched after successful hd live transmission of 92 news channel. Roznama 92 Newspaper is being published and distributed countrywide by 92 news media group.

The main feature of 92 newspaper that it keeps its readers aware of local news and international news so that readers may know what is currently happening in the country and across the world. It has support of great columnist Muhammad Haider Ameer who works as Editor in chief and Mr. Irshad Arif overseas.

92 newspaper is being published and distributed from 3 big cities of Pakistan Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. 92 news keenly observe every even happening in the country and around the world. It successfully convers the burning political/government issues, cultural, sports, educational and other serious issues. It never misses any event. This is the key to success of 92 newspaper and 92 news channel. The group of senior columnist working with 92 newspaper includes, Izharul Haq, Sajjad Mir, Oriya Maqbool Jaan, Khalid Masood, Arif Nizami and Mustanser Hussain Tarrar.

There is another great of feature of 92 newspapers that it is available online for reading free of cost. Roznama live 92 news epaper can be read at it is totally free to read. Readers can read all latest news about government, business, sports, showbiz and other hot current affairs from inside and outside the country.

General elections 2018 is the most discussed and hot occasion in Pakistan at the present time. News channels are altogether equipped and active to cover the occasion live and selective. Following the pattern, 92 News Live HD is committed to cover General Elections 2018 for its watchers. 92 News run an uncommon transmission that covered television shows identified with Elections 2018, consequences of each supporters, master investigation on Election 2018 outcomes and parcel more. The news group of 92 News HD gave you most recent scope of all the Election 2018 updates by 92 news live streaming, so keep in mind to buy in to this channel.

Offering rivalry to different channels, 92 News HD likewise has their very own morning show. The morning show titled Bakhabar Subh is broadcasted 7 days seven days at 8:30 am on 92 News Live. The poplarity and great audience of 92 News channel originates from its fascinating shows including Bakhabar Subh, Andher Nagri, Night Edition, News @ 5, Muqabil, Zair e Behas, Subh e Noor, News Room, 92 At 8, Economy Round up, Ho Kiya Raha Hai, 92 Special, and Follow Up are wealthy in great substance and useful for the watchers. All shows are facilitated by solid columnists and anchorpersons. Channel 92 TV has been making waves in the news and current undertakings because of viable and genuine detailing of every single political occasion occurring in Pakistan. 92 TV News empowers and makes creative thoughts to the greatest advantage of the organization.

92 News HD Live is the primary Pakistani HD divert propelled in 2015. It broadcasts most recent news, top stories, current undertakings, breaking news from Pakistani governmental issues, and world in HD encounter. 92 News Live is definitely a treat for the online watchers of Pakistan who can encounter HD quality news on their tablet, PC, or advanced mobile phone in a flash. Lahore based 92 News Live TV is possessed by M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd. The logo of 92 News Live HD is “Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq”; portrays that the channel is absolutely mindful of the present happenings on the planet and is sufficiently effective to confirm news from real sources previously making it open. 92 News TV is favored to have a wide system of news correspondence the nation over in excess of 300 urban communities that are included day and night in conveying news as it happens. Having such a wide system guarantees, to the point that no news whether minor or significant will be disregarded from giving scope by the group of 92 News.

92 News Live is Pakistan’s First News HD Channel that has refined and upgraded the experience of the clients as it were. Some of eminent stays and news analysts of 92 News Channel are Tariq Mateen, Nasir Baig Chughtai, Rauf Klasra, Ali Mumtaz, Shazia Zeeshan, Asadullah Khan, Adil Abbasi, Saadia Afzal, and Khushnood Ali Khan to give some examples. The stays and news casters of 92 News Channel is gifted and committed experts who have dedicated their mastery in conveying genuine news and current undertakings appear.

92 News Live is without a doubt a standout amongst the most prevalently developing news channels of Pakistan that is known for broadcasting hourly news announcements, television shows, political discourse shows, parody and excitement appears. Probably the most famous 92 News Live projects with higher TRPs are:

92 Special

This show is communicated on 92 News from Friday to Sunday at 11:03 pm. The program is known for broadcasting banters on extraordinary issues or occasions occurring in the nation. The host of the show is Mr. Asadullah Khan.

Zair e Behas

The show Zair e Behas is facilitated by Aniqa Nasir and Gen. Khalid Maqbool. The show depends on political exchanges on different winning issues. In each scene board of at least 2 visitors are welcome to talk about certain issue. The master sentiment and investigation of Gen. Maqbool makes the show worth viewing. The show is broadcast each Friday at 7:03 PM Only at 92 News.

Night Edition

Night Edition is a discussion based syndicated program, where diverse visitors are welcomed in each scene to talk about different issues confronted. The host of the show is Shazia Zeeshan and the show is broadcast from Friday to Sunday at 10:05 pm.

Subh e Noor

it is one of most popular program hosted by Nazir Ahmad Ghazi. [email protected] hosted by Saadia Afzaal is the most authentic political gossips zone