Free International Calls to Any Number Worldwide.

Do you want to make free international calls to your home country or any other country? If so, we are going to share some apps, websites and methods through which you can make free international calls around the globe. Making international calls at cheap rates or even free is not a big problem. Below, you can find apps and websites which allow users to make free calls to landline and cell phone numbers.

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Make free calls without downloading any app:

There are many websites where you can go and make free calls without downloading any app or software. CitrusTel is one of those websites. Another website is call “call2friends”. You can make free calls to any where to any number in the world.

Making free calls with “” and “”is very easy. All you have to open these websites and you will see a dial pad to dial the number. Through this dial pad, you can first select the destination country and then enter the number.

You can open these website these websites in any browser even these websites work fine in the browser of cell phone and tablets. However, google chrome and firefox are preferred for these websites. click here to visit official website of Call2friends. Official website of Citrust Tel.

Free international calls with globe phone:

Glob phone offer VOIP based calls. You don’t need to download mobile phone or PC application for this. Globe phone allows users to make international calls to any country with any charges. However, globe phone may give you limited number. if you want to make more calls you can try other net connect, or try next day or you can buy more minutes at very cheap price. You can visit website of globe phone by typing in the address bar of your phone’s browser.

The way of making free international calls with globe phone is also very easy and almost same as call2friends and citrustel. When you open the official website of, you will see a dial pad. You can select the country of receiver and then enter his number, press call button. Your calls will start within a few seconds. Click here to visit official website of globephone.

Free Calling Mobile Phone App:

There are a lot of apps available which are allowing users to make free international calls. Unlike whatsapp and messenger, you can make calls to cellular numbers as well as landline numbers. Popular messaging services providers like whatsapp and facebook are allowing users to make calls from app to app but other apps are giving facility to make calls from app to non-app users.

One of the best app is “Text Free”. It is not mandatory for call receiver to have this app. When you install this app, you have to make a free account on this app. Upon making a free account, you will receive some credit from the app free of cost. You can use this credit to make free calls and free sms any where in the world.

Once your free credit is finished, you can buy more credits at very cheap price. Download this app by clicking here.

Yolla Free Calling App:

Yolla allows you to make a free international call over 200 countries. For that, you have to earn free credit. You can earn free credit by watching ads or inviting your friends. By doing so, Yolla provides you a certain amount of credit in your account and you can use that to make free international calls. Yolla is available for both Android iOS devices. Click here to download 

Pop Tox Free Calls:

PopTox is one of the most popular web browser based VOIP phone service which offers free calls to both landlines and mobile phone. To make free calls using the PopTox, you do not need to create the account neither you need to download any apps nor plugins.

Simply visit the official website of PopTox, there you can see the dial pad where you can select your destination country and enter the number and finally hit the Call button. It is that simple.

However, you will get a limited number of minutes to make free calls every day. To make a free call you just need the modern browsers and internet connection. Click to visit pop tox


FreedomPop allows you to make free app to app and app to mobile or landline call service.

FreedomPop provide you 500 texts and 200 minutes of call time to make a call to mobile phones and landlines for non ap users but unlimited for app to app users.  But to call around the world, both end need to have the apps. The text numbers and free calling time will renew every months for free. But FreedomPop is available on both android and iOS devices. Click here to visit official website of freedom Pop

Unlimited Free Calls App:

There is one app which offers unlimited free international calls. The name of this app is “Dingtone”. You can create a free account in dingtone with your mobile phone number. Once you have created a free account, dingtone gives you some free credit to make free calls any where in the world and of course, this credit is limited. You cannot make long duration calls with this free credit.

You need to get more credit to make free calls but the good things is, you don’t need to buy. Although you can buy credit in dingtone app yet there are a lot of ways and offers through which you can earn a lot of free credit. Earning free credit is very easy. Once you have logged into your account, you can see many offers for earning credit. You can also earn credit by watching video ads in dingtone. everything is very easy. All you have to download, install and create free account in dingtone. click here to download the app.


Line is a social networking app but you can also use it to make a free calls with your friends and relatives.

By the time when you sign up the Line account you will receive a five minuets credit which you can use to make a call to non app users too. Line also allows you to earn free credits by watching ads on their apps which you can use to make free international call to mobile and landlines.

Line is available on both android and iOS devices. Click here to download

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