Who is present Caliph of Islam today?

A lot of concerns among Muslims have raised since a few days because a search result again query “who is present caliph of islam?”. In fact, there is no present caliph of islam today. Apparent the caliph system was ended in 1917 with the end of Ottoman empire. However, the real Caliphate system was ended 30 Years after The Holy Prophet passed away.

According to Hadees Pak of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), “the true caliphate will remain 30 years among the muslims and then King system will start”. This predication of Holy Prophet exactly came true later. There were four caliph of Islam after holy prophet passed away.

The fist caliph of islam was Hazrat Abu Bakar, The second caliph of Islam was  Hazrat Umar, The third Caliph of Islam was Hazrat Usman and Forth Caliph was Hazrat Ali; (Hazrat Hassan (R.A), the son of Hazrat Ali R.A was also caliph after Hazrat Ali but his tenure is counted as an extension of Hazrat Ali’s caliphate). So, there were only four true and real islamic caliph’s of Islam who did ruling 30 years in total after Holy Prophet.

After 30 years, Hazrat Mu-aawiya (R.A) started ruling as a Caliph but in fact it was not caliph system, it was king system. This continued till the end of Turkish Ottoman empire in 1917.

At present there is no Caliph in Islam. According to Hadees of Holy Prophet, A man Al-Mahdi will come and establish Caliph system again. Hazrat Eessa (AH) will also come again to help Hazrat Mahdi but there will be no prophet after Holy Prophet.


According to wikipedia, it just keep information as a library and google shows results relevant to search query. However, we can tell google through our feedback if the search result is not true or irrelevant.

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