Two German Provinces To Give Asylum Seekers 2 Years Visa.

Two German provinces are to give visas to Asylum seekers who have integrated in Germany and work there. The project is in pipeline and is due to complete soon. The provinces names are North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. German federal government has already announced on 19 December 2018 to introduce new immigration laws with a lot to benefit the asylum seekers.

What is North Rhine-Westphalia offering to asylum seekers?

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to enable foreigners who have to leave the country (so-called Duldung) to obtain a permanent residence permit after five years in a whole. “People who are very well-integrated, to keep them in limbo or deport, is not good on humanitarian basis and it is also wrong economically,” said NRW refugee Minister Joachim Stamp to the newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. Stamp wants to implement an NRW solution for the so-called old cases. According to his proposal: Anyone who:

  • has lived in province NRW for three years
  • has worked in the labor market
  • learned German language
  • has no criminal record nor any fines (straffrei)

should receive a probationary residence status (Aufenthaltsstatus) of two years that will be after two years converted into indefinite visa status with chances to get German nationality afterwards.

“Although such a decree does not replace a general federal regulation, it can in many cases provide legal certainty and therefore more reliable prospects for those affected, but also for the local communities. This decree is in final vote and will be presented by me soon, “said Stamp.

In NRW live, there live 71133 asylum seekers.  Out of this total, 55746 have to leave the country because of ‘Duldung’ status (a tolerated visa issued only for 3 months only). More than 10,000 people with ‘Duldung’ live in NRW for more than eight years.

What is Baden-Württemberg offering asylum seekers?

According to current news by WDR, the asylum seekers living in province Baden-Württemberg would be able to get beschäftig-duldung for a long time validity. This would stop the deportation of such applicants. To get this status, one must have:

  • Duldung for 12 months
  • worked legally for the last 18 months
  • no financial fines and criminal records
  • no use social benefits
  • clearly proved the nationality and identity

Having all this can help avoiding deportation and working regularly in Germany with no issues. Once passed 8 years (for single persons), one will be able to apply for an Aufenthaltsstatus. The one with family can chase the same process after 6 years (as per §25 b).

This all is not from the federal government of Germany and is instead proposed action by these two provinces. There might be a possibility that the federal government will itself too have the slightly same process for integrated asylum seekers to provide them visas.

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