Get Second Citizenship and Second Passport.

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1- Turkish Passport:

2. Paraguay Passport:

3- Uruguay Passport:

4- Panama Passport:

5- Canadian Citizenship:

6- USA Green Card and Passport:

7- UAE Citizenship:

8- Portugal Citizenship:


Second residency, second citizenship and second passport bring a lot of benefits. The major benefit of second passport, it grants freedom of travel. If your current passport is not entitled to visa free entry to more countries, you can get second passport of a country and enjoy visa free travel to more countries.

There are plenty of ways to get second passport. Citizenship through investment and citizenship through naturalization are very popular. However, citizenship through investment is fastest way for those who can afford it . Besides selling citizenship and passport, there are a lot of countries which have residency through investment programs which grants residence permit or permanent residence permit, with  a pathway to citizenship and passport. However, this requires applicant to live in the country for a specific period to be eligible for citizenship whereas citizenship through investment do not require you to stay in the country.

Golden visas are an example of residence through investment. Foreign investor can buy residence permit, even in the Europe by investing a certain amount in property, designated business or simply making a fixed bank deposit.

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