Saudi airports prepared for international flight services

As well as general aviation and private aviation, operating services in the country’s airports to continue the mandatory strategies for the reopening of the travel of citizens outside the country and they come back to the country effective from 17 May (Shawwal 5), The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has directed all airlines.

The authority stated in a notice address to all the airlines that all the airports in the country are completely prepared for the operation of services

GACA stated that this instruction is in line with the report of the Saudi government to authorize the travel and return of the vaccinated citizens. Saudi Arabia would open its land, sea, and air borders entirely from 1:00 a.m. Monday, May 17, The Ministry of Interior notified on Sunday.

Nationals who have been allowed to travel include those who received two dosages of coronavirus vaccine or those who spent 14 days later taking the first dosage of the vaccine, GACA quoted.

They have spent less than six months since their infection as confirmed by the data displayed on Tawakkalna App Nationals who have retrieved from coronavirus infection will be permitted to travel on that condition.

Nationals under the age of 18 years will also be permitted to travel on the condition that before travel they submit an insurance policy approved by the Saudi Central Bank, copping the possibilities of COVID-19 outside Saudi Arabia in conformity with the orders reported by the relevant authorities.

For seven days after returning to the country, these persons have to remain in home quarantine, and a PCR test must be conducted at the end of the quarantine period, while children under the age of eight years are exempted from the PCR test.

GACA drew attention to the ministry’s instruction that to avoid any troubles they may face the passengers have to obey all the policies and limitations forced by the respective countries.

It also highlighted the necessity to take caution when traveling to high-risk states, where the Covid infection is extending at a high rate in conformity with what is reported regularly by the expert officials

The officials defined that the airlines shall carry the responsibility to instruct passengers about the orders and conditions of the destination states to move cautiously and finely and stay away from any issue or troubles that they may encounter.

For the moment, GACA President Abdul Aziz Al-Duailj thanked and appreciated the Saudi leadership’s enthusiasm to permit Saudi nationals to move outside the Kingdom in keeping with the health requirements.

He honored the fortunate attempt put together by the government to stem the expansion of the coronavirus disease.

He added, “GACA has organized all its potential and exercise efforts to execute the instructions of the enlightened guidance and to make ready the airports with all their help and services to come back to what they were. The official has taken into consideration health standards to attain safe travel with creating available all the safety means at the airports.”

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