Now, you can get visa through Dubai government’s mobile application

You can now apply for a residential visa without going to the visa centre for your parents or other relatives. In addition, under the service launched last year, you can also get a visa for new children and wife and children born from the same app.

Through this app, you will be able to get a residential visa without going to the service centre. The service has been launched in collaboration with Smart Dubai and GDRFA.

Also, you can get the following services through the app

  • can apply for visa renewal
  • Wife can apply to sponsor a children’s resident visa
  • Wife can see children’s residential visas or entry permits
  • can track the entry permits and visa applications of residents or visitors

And remember that with this app, you can access services in 130 public and private sectors. And the Smart Dubai department says it is also adding more services to the app that will further facilitate users.

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