In UAE, now Pakistani expatriates can avail their passports at a 50% fee.

Now to renew their Pakistani passports in the UAE expatriates will not have to pay a heavy fee.

In the UAE and elsewhere in the world Pakistan authorities have begun providing passports on a lesser fee from this year in March.

Dubai: In the UAE as their government has reduced down the charges by 50 percent, Pakistani expatriates do not have to pay a heavy fee to renew their passports anymore

Pakistan authorities in the UAE and elsewhere in the globe have to continue issuing passports on a lesser fee from this year in March.

In this year February Pakistan’s government had declared to decrease the passport fee to facilitate the individuals particularly the blue-collar employee.

On Sunday a superior official at the Pakistan Consulate General notifies Gulf News.  “Yes, from last month we have continued applying the lessen passport renewal fee,” He told that after paying only 50 percent of the fee candidates entering the UAE can now obtain their passports renewed.

Online applications strongly recommended

Pakistanis living in the UAE the official also strongly recommended utilizing the online portal to renew their ID cards and passports, as it will assist minimizes the rush at the missions. To renew their passports over and above 800 people visit the missions daily. UAE is accommodating more than 1.6 million Pakistanis.

A passport provided for five years with a total number of 36 pages will now cost D85 rather than Dh150 while the fee for the urgent passport will be Dh140 instead of Dh250, as reported by the new directives of the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports in Pakistan. The general fee for the 100-page passport has been decreased from Dh300 to Dh170 while the urgent delivery fee has been decreased from Dh600 to Dh335.

Instead of Dh270, a 36-page passport with 10-year validity will cost Dh125 while the fee for the urgent 10-year passport has been decreased from Dh450 to Dh210. A 100-page passport with 10-year validity will cost Dh250 rather than Dh540 while the fee for the urgent passport of the same category has been decreased from Dh1,080 to Dh500.

Although on the Pakistan Embassy website the new fee of the passport renewals has been updated, on the other hand, the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai however considers old rates and has not been updated so far. The issuance period for the regular passport is 25 days while urgent passport renewal time is 15 days, as stated by the Pakistan Embassy website

E-passport Programme

For the moment, Pakistan has freshly set forth to launch e-passports by June this year and a German corporation has been granted the contract to facilitate the structure. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan quoted recently. “By June this [e-passport] service would be accessible”. A German corporation has been engaged to launch the electronic passport system in the country, He confirmed. The interior minister narrated it as an essential evolution that would aid get rid of all the obstacles in the recent manual system and help Pakistanis living abroad process online applications effortlessly.

Biometric documents will accelerate the identification procedure, clarifying passport supervision and laying the first stone for automation of services. The new e-passports will have a biometric chip holding distinctive data such as photographs, fingerprints, and other details.

Chip-based microprocessor

The e-passport has a chip-based microprocessor that carries the same information that is printed on the passport’s data page like the holder’s name, date of birth, passport number; photograph also fingerprints, and signatures. The e-passport adds on a special cover of safety to the customary travel document and decreases the possibility of deception.

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