Canada to perform Suspension on Arrival of International Students to Ontario

Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted to working with Ontario for the time being stop the entrance of international students to that state in an attempt to restrain the expansion of COVID-19.

“The time is not good to travel,” said Trudeau. “On land borderlines, as a reminder, anyone who enters to the U.S. state borderline has earlier been examined in the first three days in the U.S. Then, they have to get tested again in the last three days. And for two weeks everybody has to be quarantined and do another test on day eight.

He stated, “We are imposing extreme results for anybody rupturing these orders”.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford contradicts.

Friday In a virtual audience, he criticized what he narrated as Ottawa’s weak measures at the Canada-U.S. land borderlines interchanging. Earlier this week, the central Canadian state’s regional government appeals to Ottawa to do additional to seal those land borderlines crossings and stop the entry of passengers with COVID-19.

So far Ontario has had more than 463,360 cases of COVID-19 and its death has hit 8,050 tolls from the epidemic. With uncompromising lockdown actions in the state, the number of new daily cases of COVID-19 is decreasing yet was still at 3,887 as of 30 Apr.

On the agenda for the Ontario government is the inequality between the COVID-19 security measures for passengers entering by air and those coming into Canada at the land borderlines.

Previously anybody – as well as international students – can catch a plane to come to Canada; they are needed to take a COVID-19 test. Then, they are needed to take one more such test upon entry in Canada and stay in a government-approved hotel for three nights where they quarantine while anticipating the results.

If that COVID-19 test comes back negative, they can then carry on with their two-week quarantine elsewhere.

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