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About this blog – This blog infoomni.com is dedicated to all those innocent people who want to go to abroad and looking for genuine information regarding visa and immigration of countries of the world. Not only visa and immigration guide but also current news and amazing information can be found here.
In this Blog I regularly used to write new post and video tutorials for my followers about all easy and legit ways for visa application process of different countries, obtaining work permits, applying Temporary residence permits, permanent residence, settlement, dual nationality and obtaining passport of all developed countries where you can have bright future for you and your family.
About the blogger behind this blog – Hi Guys & Girls, my name is Hassan and I live in Hong Kong. I have a wide experience of preparation of visa application for almost all developed countries as I have worked with several visa consultants and prepared cases for many applicants. But it does not mean that I am going to charge you any money for the information which I provide. I provide information free of cost so that you may stay away from agents who can swallow your hard earned money.
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