Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

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Travel Insurance with Coverage of 30,000 is required for Schengen Visa Application.
Travel insurance is mandatory for visa application of almost every developed country. Generally, all applicants are required to buy travel insurance with 3oooo euro coverage. This insurance can include trip cancellation insurance too but the main focus of travel insurance is medical coverage to cover the cost of treatment for any unexpected injury, serious illness, death of visitor and dead body return or burial etc. during the trip. Many factors can be covered with travel insurance policy for example: trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, loss of baggage and accidental death etc. The more elements you include in your travel insurance policy, the more expensive it will be. As you need travel insurance to meet the visa requirements, so you should focus on the medical coverage of travel insurance and prefer the cheap price policy.
How much do Travel Insurance Cost?
Although embassy requires you to buy travel insurance with 30000-euro coverage for medical, yet you do not have to pay 30000 euro actually. You have to pay only one payment at the time when you buy travel insurance and this payment is called “premium”. The cost of premium depends upon whether you want to buy travel insurance for a single person or include family members and duration of your trip. You should buy the travel insurance for the number of days you want to apply visa for. If you are going to apply visa for 15 days, you must buy travel insurance for fifteen days. Normally, domestic insurance policies (which are working inside home country) do not cover your trip outside country. So you have to buy a special travel insurance for your destination country.
If you want to buy travel insurance for yourself only, the cost of payment to buy policy may be around 13 euro for 15 days in general. However, price may be different in different countries depending on what type of coverage you want and number of people you want to include in your travel insurance policy.
How to buy Travel Insurance Policy?
Travel insurance must be bought from the insurance companies approved and authorized by the embassy. There are many countries are authorized for this purpose. You can google it or you can seek information from the website of embassies to know the authorized companies. Some insurance companies have online portal where customers can buy insurance policy online. Most of them accept online payment through credit cards. Some of them accept payments in cash form too. Here, you can find list of approved and authorized insurance companies and their website address. These companies have their office in almost every big city where you can visit in person and buy insurance policy, you can make payment in cash form at company’s office.

List of Insurances Companies for the purpose of Travel Medical Insurance
1. Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd
Website Address:

2. Asia Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

3. Askari General Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

4. Atlas Insurance Ltd
Website Address:

5. Chubb Insurance Pakistan Ltd (Formerly ACE Insurance Ltd)
Website address:

6. CICL – Century Insurance Company Ltd
Website Address:

7. Continental Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

8. Crescent Star Insurance Limited
Website address:

9. East West Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

10. EFU General
Website address:

11. Habib Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

12. IGI
Website address:

13. Jubilee General Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

14. Premier Insurance Limited
Website address:

15. Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited
Website address:

16. Shaheen Insurance
Website address:

17. Sindh Insurance
Website address:

18. SPI Insurance Company Ltd (formerly Saudi Pak)
Website address:

19. TPL Direct Insurance Ltd
Website address:

20. UBL Insurers Ltd
Website address:

21. UIC – United Insurance Company
Website address:

22. Universal Insurance Company Ltd
Website address:

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