Canada visa lottery 2018-2019 is legit or scam?

Last updated on July 11th, 2018 at 08:57 am

Canada visa lottery 2018 is legit or scam?

                                    Canada immigration through lottery program same as US green card lottery program is in the air now a days. Readers are being misguided due to its resemblance with US lottery program. Many websites, social media groups and WhatsApp groups are promoting Canada visa lottery program 2018. The most attractive aspect of this Canada visa lottery program is that citizens of non-eligible countries for US green card lottery are eligible for Canada visa lotter program. So more and more people are tempted to avail this opportunity. Some users receive links through their email or smartphone and are invited to apply this lottery program via an online application portal. Users have to submit personal information and sometimes credit card information.

                                    However, this Canada visa lottery program, no doubt, is scam and totally Fake. The only way to immigrate to Canada is Express entry run by federal government of Canada with its 10 provinces and three territories. No other program to immigrate to Canada is available by the Canadian government.

                                    Readers are advised not to open the links of such fake and scam website because the information entered by users at this fake website can be misused. There is risk of hacking or steeling information. There may be some other purposes of promoting this false program like gain traffic for website etc.

                                    If there is new program available to immigrate to Canada, it is clearly announced by Canadian officials at their official websites. Keep visiting Canadian immigration official website  to keep aware of latest updates about the ways to immigrate to Canada and stay away from any  short cut scam website. If any fraudulent program or activity is found at any website or any place, it should be reported to Canadian government department of fraud prevention regarding visa and immigration at this address

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  1. mahad says:

    My name is mahad abdi I am somali I live in Uganda i am darva I whant visa for process

  2. mahad says:

    My name is mahad I am somali I live in Uganda I am darva I whant lottery visa for process

  3. Arshad khan says:

    I am a driver anyone job I am work

  4. Mariaim says:

    My names are Mariam ndagire
    I’m a Ugandan I’m in Egypt for working
    I’m looking for lotary visa process

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